A-Level Results

These are some of our last year  A-level results of  students who are happy for us to put it on our website. You are of course welcome to come to our office/learning centre if you intend to see the comprehensive lists of results and testimonials

Biology : A*   Maths: A  Chemistry:A Physics: A
University Destination: St George's Medical school, London

Joe was very unsure if his dream of becoming a medical doctor was ever going to come to pass as he was struggling with his sciences. He attended our A-level intensive course. Joe also attended our revision crash course sessions. His results above speak for themselves.

Maths: A* Physics: A Biology: A
University Destination: Geophysics, University of Leeds

Charlie almost lost all confidence in doing well especially on his Maths. We assessed him and provided tailored A-level classes to boost his confidence. The rest is history. He is on his way now to the University of Leeds to achieve his dream of being a Geophysicist. Congratulations Charlie!

Physics: A Biology:A Chemistry: A
University Destination: University of Liverpool, Medicine

Samaira was an average student who came short in school tests and mocks while in high school. All this changed when she enroled on our A-level course and we made the difference.

Electronics: A* Computing: A Maths: B
University Destination: University of Manchester, Electronics/Electrical Engineering

We were there all the way to to help Ashley all the way through his A-level course with our seasoned examiners. Ashley's result was a big jump for someone who almost lost all hope of every studying Engineering at the university of Manchester. But that dream is now a reality.

Maths: A Physics: A Biology:A Chem:B
Destination: Starting A2 A-levels

Even though Gabrielle was not a poor student, achieiving A grades at her first year A-level seem a daunting exercise. She received personalised and customised attention on her A-level course. Her results speak for themselves.

Economics: A Mathematics: A Physics: B
Destination: University of Manchester, Mechanical Engineering

Adil found his Maths and Physics very challenging and was on his way to a C or D grade until he registered with us on our A-level programme we changed all that.

Business studies: A Economics: A Mathematics: B
Destination University: University of Sheffield, Economics

Saakshi took advantage of our intensive A-level programme . Now she is about to achieve her dream of becoming a renowned economist.

Maths: A Biology: A Chemistry: B
Destination: University of Leicester Chemistry.

Henry came to us last year having lost confidence in himself in the area of exam techniques. We took him on and helped him every step of the way until he was achieving high grades in his mocks and eventually on his exams. Henry, all the best in the future.

Biology A*, Maths A, Chemisty A

Chemistry A, Maths A, Physics B

Geography A, Chemistry B, Biology B

Chemistry A

History A, English A, Chemistry B